A description of some of the special days in Jewish family life. The clip explains that being Jewish means that you are different from other people, but also part of a strong community and that life at home and life at the synagogue are of equal importance for Jews. There is also a look at traditional Jewish foods.

First broadcast:
5 November 2007

Students could imagine they are preparing a meal for the start of Jewish Shabbat (Sabbath) on a Friday evening. They could set a table, tidy the classroom and create place settings. A menu based on traditional Jewish food (such as matzah balls) could be written, and students could try making making challah bread.

Students could go on to compare special days for a Jewish family with special days that students have in their own family. Is there a day or a week in the year when no one in the family is allowed to do any work, or when the family must spend time together? Students could discuss their feelings about these days, and why they are important or difficult.