Barnaby Bear visits Lake Patzcuaro in the Mexico countryside. He watches the fishermen catching pescado blanco (small white fish) with their large nets. The lake is starting to dry up and the fishermen do not catch as many fish now as they used to. The lake is also polluted by chemicals and sewage. Along with a marine biologist, the villagers are trying to save the lake and the fish. Reeds grow along the shores of the lake and these are cut and dried to make crafts to sell in the village shops. Barnaby sees a traditional dance taking place in the village to celebrate the pescado blanco. He shops for a gift to take home to his friend Becky. He learns that Mexico is the home of chocolate and buys drinking chocolate to take home. Barnaby also has a reed fish, a scarf and a table cloth to take home as gifts.

First broadcast:
29 July 2008

This clip could be used in a study of Lake Patzcuaro and what happens on the lake, discussing the pollution, the lake drying up and the effects this will have on the local people. The children could use art straws to weave and make crafts similar to those made with the reeds from the river. They could also make up their own dances to celebrate the small white fish and compare this to any traditions associated with catching fish in the UK including singing sea shanties. This could also lead on to identifying what different countries are famous for, such as Mexico and its chocolate and what typical souvenirs in these countries are.