A rat named Jacques lives in the city and is missing the love of his life, Lucille, who lives in the countryside. Jacques decides to visit her, but when he gets there the countryside isn't what he expected, so they both go back to the city. However, things don't run as smoothly as expected for them and Lucille ends up being caught by a cat. They then decide to compromise and move.
This fable is also known as ‘The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse’.

First broadcast:
7 May 2009

Could be used to introduce animal words. Give groups animal names in German and make the noise of the animal in German then guess what it is called in German. Do German animals make the same noises as English animals?
Could also be used to introduce food vocabulary. Show the scene where the town rat is offering food to the Country Rat and ask the children if they can guess what the words mean.
Have a look at the introductory phrases ('Willkommen', 'sehr angenehm', 'nimm Platz') and ask the pupils to exchange them with a partner in a role play.