To get the next generation on their side, the Nazi party positioned themselves as the party of youth against age, offering young people a role to play in the movement. Membership of the Hitler Jugend, the youth wing of the Nazi party, grew from 100,000 in 1932 to 3.5 million two years later. By 1939 membership was compulsory for boys, while girls had to join the sister organisation, the League of German Maidens. Boys were encouraged to take part in sport and teamwork, training in useful skills and Nazi theory. Schools were Nazified with books rewritten to reflect Nazi views and Nazi racial theory taught in class. Jewish students were moved first to separate desks, then to separate schools and, by 1942, they could get no formal education at all.

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Bitesize: History
First broadcast:
16 March 2007

Students could discuss what attracted young people to the Nazi party. Towards the end of the clip, anti-Semitism is introduced and this could lead into the topic of the Holocaust.