We gate-crash a 1960s party, where a disc jockey spins everyone's favourite tunes and everyone is dancing solo. The 'Twist' was a dance inspired by rock and roll music and was one of many dance trends that filled the dance floors throughout the decade. It was the first international rock and roll dance of its kind. A group of girls dance in formation to show some of the most popular moves from this dance floor decade.

This clip is from:
Bitesize Primary, Dance Party
First broadcast:
4 March 2010

Discuss with the class where people tend to dance these days (weddings) and consider the popularity of some of these moves in musicals like 'Hairspray'. The rhythmic nature of the music and the relatively simple dance moves make the dance accessible to most children and the use of group dancing where children don't feel 'on the spot' or exposed as they might in an individual dance.