Chemical reactions are useful in cooking and help to improve the taste of food. Cooking and chemistry have quite a bit in common. The starting materials in a chemical reaction are called the reactants. These react with each other to form a completely new substance known as the product. Products have very different properties to the reactants. Cakes are firmer and taste better than the individual reactants. The colour is different too. Not all chemical reactions need heat energy to make them happen. When bicarbonate of soda and vinegar are mixed, the chemical reaction produces a gas.

First broadcast:
11 October 2007

This clip can be used in a Science topic where the children pick out key scientific vocabulary and write a dictionary definition of each key word using the clip and the explanations given. It could be used as part of a Literacy topic about writing instructions in which the children could write their instructions based upon one of the chemical reactions that takes place in the clip. This clip would be useful when learning about changing materials. It might be used in place of some experiments which take some time to observe, such as cake baking. It would also be a good clip to use to reinforce learning which has taken place over several weeks or for revision purposes.