The use of lights and a rescue dog to assist in a cliffside rescue at night. The report shows the preparation before the rescue and the wide variety of torches and lamps used.

First broadcast:
8 October 2007

Students could be asked to list all of the things that the mountain rescue team needed in order to successfully save the person stranded on the cliff. Students could consider not just the equipment needed but the training, skills and attributes of the rescuers themselves. Students could draw a picture of a mountain rescuer and label all their equipment along with the attributes that make him, or her, a great mountain rescuer.

Students could also compare a daytime rescue with a night time one. Alternatively, they could explore how different weather conditions would affect the rescue mission. Students could role-play each of these different rescues.

Furthermore, students could explore what to do if they are in trouble in a remote location or mountain. They can find out how to contact the mountain rescue team and what information they will be required to give. These telephone conversations could be role-played describing different emergency conversations.