Extract from drama 'Dear Nobody'. A teenage couple, Helen and Chris, begin a sexual relationship. The difficult decisions they face when Helen falls pregnant are explored. Here, Helen has made a firm decision that she wants to keep her baby. This decision impacts heavily on her parents and Chris' dad, both of whom voice their reservations about what a baby will mean for the future prospects of their children. Helen, with support from a friend, realises that wanting to keep the baby is in many ways unrelated to maintaining a relationship with Chris.

This clip is from:
Scene, Dear Nobody - part 2
First broadcast:
6 March 1998

Students could discuss their own aspirations and the impact having a baby might have, as a talking point. What is the course that they would hope a relationship may take before deciding to conceive? The students can be asked to create a timeline before exploring how to access support and advice. Look at ways of communicating - what communication methods are not effective? This could be done using a diamond nine exercise. This is the fourth of six clips from the series 'Dear Nobody'.