Lady Runcie Campbell talks to the inspector about her experience of discovering Calum's body. She sees Calum's death as a sacrifice bringing potential for a new and better beginning. THE CLIP CONTAINS DISTURBING IMAGERY OF DEATH AND IMPLIED VIOLENCE.

This clip is from:
Bitesize English
First broadcast:
10 May 2012

Students could examine the way in which Lady Runcie Campbell regards Calum. Introduce the class to the idea of symbolism. Ask them to consider the symbolic reason for blood covering her hands. Does this suggest she is partly to blame for Calum's death? She also describes a sense of pity and happiness - why does she feel these contrasting emotions? Point the class towards the religious symbolism suggested in the death of Calum whose innocence and sacrifice can be compared to Christ's. Once he gave up his life for others, our sins were forgiven bringing new joy. Lady Runcie Campbell is also seen as kneeling. What does this position suggest? Has she changed in her view towards others?