Greg 'Ray J' Johnson talks about why he became an astronaut and what it's like going into space. He explains how astronauts eat, sleep, and go to the toilet in the Space Shuttle. As well as revealing why he became an astronaut, Greg describes what space flight involves, shares his views about the next target for space exploration, and the prospects of finding life in space. He also gives advice to anyone interested in becoming an astronaut.

This clip is from:
See You See Me, Space Quest
First broadcast:
16 October 2000

After watching the clip, children could be asked how we could prove if there was life on another planet? Children could think about what would be needed for something to live or grow (water, food source, air etc.) and how we could go about looking for it on other planets. Children could then be told they are going to look for signs of life in soil samples gathered from different planets, by adding sugar and glucose, if life is present a gas will be produced. The teacher could prepare three soil samples in sealed sandwich bags and in one add yeast. Dissolving sugar in warm water (40-45°C) and adding this to the sample bags, then removing all air, will result in the bag with soil and yeast expanding as the gas is given out. This lets the children see the type of experiment scientists would carry out on samples gathered from space expeditions, to see if there were signs of life present.