A case study showing a young woman heavily in debt, with poor credit history, and the effect that this has on her and her young family in their everyday life.

First broadcast:
16 November 2010

Ask students to discuss the effects of debt on individuals and look at the differences between relative and absolute poverty. They should consider how to measure poverty, focusing on who are the poor/ underclass in Britain today, and explain how poverty can cause alienation. They could discuss the reasons for recent increases in poverty, and note the relationships between poverty and the underclass. Ask them to analyse statistics on poverty in their local area by considering the social groups most likely to suffer. In groups, learners could explore recent research into poverty and present their conclusions. They could research political theories related to poverty, including the New Right, and investigate the attempts made to solve the problem. Students could research and investigate public opinion on the welfare state. Referring to more than one area of life, they could outline the evidence of the effect of poverty on life chances.