Barnaby Bear visits the Roman city of Chester. He goes to the Eastgate Street clock and looks at the pedestrian areas. He looks at the unusual shop designs in Chester, visiting the Tudor 'Rows'. Barnaby also goes to a cheese shop and has a taste. He listens to the town crier who explains his important job.

First broadcast:
27 April 2006

Prior to the lesson, the children could locate Chester on a map of the UK. The clip is useful as a discussion point about the different house types in Chester and the periods in which they were built. As a class the children could create a model of Chester focusing on the house shapes and colours. It is also useful to introduce the idea that different areas are famous for certain foods such as cheese in Chester and chocolate and coffee in Mexico. This could lead onto looking at other places in the UK and over the world and which foods they are famous for. A 'class crier' could be introduced to tell the school in assemblies what their class has been up to!