In 1999, Hurricane Floyd narrowly missed Florida but came ashore in North Carolina. A mixture of talking heads and news footage concisely portrays the effects Hurricane Floyd had on the landscape and population of Florida and North Carolina.

Create a case study on the impact of Hurricane Floyd on Florida and North Carolina in 1999. Note primary and secondary effects, preparation for and response to the storm. Compare preparation for and impact of Floyd with other storms that have hit the USA, particularly Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Note similarities and differences, particularly population centres affected, physical geography of the areas they hit, economic status of the population affected and the death toll. Compare too with Hurricane Sandy in 2012 and the impact a hurricane can have economically and on infrastructure in a major global city, even an MEDC. Consider how climate change could lead to hurricanes affecting more areas and countries and what measures should be put in place to deal with this threat.