Children learn how to support their peers through peer mediation when conflict arises in the playground. Their teacher explains that it is important to see both sides of the story. After role-play, children explain how it is important to put yourself in someone else's shoes and understand how they feel in order to help them resolve their issues.

First broadcast:
19 November 2007

You could ask the class to think about the kind of disagreements that happen in class and in the playground (without naming names) and collect ideas. You could hold a fishbowl activity, inviting members of the class to role-play an argument, for example being first in line or taking turns, and the rest of the class to question the characters in role about what each of them is thinking and feeling and then how each thinks the other may be feeling. The rest of the class could suggest ways of resolving the argument taking account of both characters. You could take a well known story such as the 'Three little pigs' and get the children to tell it from the wolf's point of view and the pigs' point of view.