Extract from drama 'Alison'. Alison and childhood sweetheart Terry meet when older and look back at their time together. The young Terry and Alison finally attempt to have sex for the first time. Terry has a condom but isn't really clear about how to use it. Both Alison and Terry are very nervous and both have doubts. As adults they discuss what happened. Neither realised the other was a virgin at the time. They bump into Gary, Alison's ex, who Terry thought she'd slept with. Alison is furious and shouts insults at Gary for suggesting they'd slept together.

This clip is from:
Scene, Alison
First broadcast:
24 March 1995

The clip could be used to start a discussion or role-play examining the right time to start a sexual relationship. Students could be asked key questions such as: "Is Terry really ready for a full relationship, or does he just want to impress his friends? Is Alison ready? Has Alison been hurt in previous relationships? Why is Terry's use of the condom a complete failure? What part do emotions play in a relationship? Is there commitment between Alison and Terry? Is the commitment one-sided?" After the discussion, provide students with information about different forms of contraception.