An introduction to the issue of urban living in Berlin, and the lack of green space. We meet two boys, Jan and Sven, whose families have allotments instead of gardens. We visit the small houses on the allotments and learn what the boys and their families do - playing football, staying on the allotments overnight or for the whole summer, looking after pets, planting and looking after vegetables and having barbecues. Commentary in German and English.

This clip is from:
Being German
First broadcast:
13 March 2009

Could be used to introduce words for animals, fruits and vegetables. Write down words from the clip and ask the children to group them under the headlines 'Tier', 'Obst' and 'Gemüse'. Do the children know any other German words for animals? Invite them to talk about their pets and give them the German words for them.
Compare allotments in Germany and in Britain - what is the same, what is different, eg people having small houses in their allotments and staying in them during the summer. Would the pupils like to do that, too? Ask the pupils to come up with reasons for or against staying in allotments and write them in two columns, one marked with a smiling face, the other one with a frowning face.