Top sports people discuss the importance of mental attitude along with physical ability in sport. Includes input from psychologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos, Olympic gold medallist and President of UK Athletics Lynn Davies, rugby player Ryan Jones, athlete Tasha Danvers and gymnast Louis Smith.

This clip is from:
More Than Sport
First broadcast:
23 October 2009

Class discussion could centre on how performers get into the right mental state before a game, controlling nerves in sport and in life, dealing with failure and moving on in a positive way.
Prior to a student’s game, performance or examination, teachers may wish to lead students through a visualisation exercise. Students could be guided into a relaxed state, by concentrating only on their breathing. They could then be encouraged to visualise a successful goal or performance. Lead students to consider how this would feel in their bodies, what sounds they would hear and what this would look like. Following this relaxation/visualisation exercise, students could discuss their visions with other classmates. Discuss with the class that many athletes and sportspeople undertake visualisation exercises such as this to get them into a positive mental attitude before and after performances.