Barnaby Bear learns about Hurley Lock on the River Thames and discovers how it works. He helps a lock keeper to operate the lock and learns how opening and closing the lock gates allows a boat at a lower level on the river to be taken up to a higher level to join the river ahead. With Brian the lock keeper, Barnaby looks at the course of the River Thames on a map. They identify the source of the river and follow it on the map to the mouth of the river and the sea. Barnaby also takes a trip on a pleasure cruiser as the river flows through London. He travels under some of the bridges. Barnaby takes a flight on the London Eye and admires both the view and the width of the river from the top of the wheel.

This clip is from:
Barnaby Bear, The River Thames
First broadcast:
14 March 2007

Children can watch this clip when learning about rivers, especially how rivers change along their course from the source to the mouth of the river. It is useful as an introduction to visualise and explain the terms 'source', 'lock' and 'mouth' of a river. The children could locate the River Thames on a map and identify where its sources and mouth are and where locks are along it. This could lead onto a study of London looking at its landmarks and major events that have taken place in London. The children could look at the different types of boats that travel the Thames and the reasons these boats travel the river.