Anthony Sayer, cellist of over 40 years with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, reflects on his career to date. He describes what it is like to work with other musicians and how relationships must be managed to retain a harmonious environment. He also talks about how lucky he feels to be immersed day-to-day in music by some of the world’s greatest composers and thinkers. This clip features the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra rehearsing Schumann's 'Cello Concerto' and a solo cello rendition of Frederick Crouch's 'Kathleen Mavourneen'.

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First broadcast:
21 September 2010

Ask the class questions about the clip first. How did Anthony first become a cellist? What is necessary to become very good on an instrument? What sort of opportunities and skills has Anthony developed as a member of a large team? Working in pairs the students should seek to identify three musicians whom they admire, from any genre, and give reasons why they think they are good role models. They could discuss the importance of enjoyment in becoming accomplished at an instrument.