How to find the correct combination of coins to make 45p. In this animation, El Nombre suggests starting with the biggest coin and working your way down.

First broadcast:
1 November 2000

Use the clip to set the scene - a discussion of weddings and presents can take place. When Little One goes into the shop, discuss what coins he might use to buy something for 50p. If he buys the toaster for 45p, what change can he get? (Consider coins). The children can work practically to show this - followed by hints and ideas from the clip. Use the clip as inspiration to set up a role-play area in the classroom to follow on where Little One goes to the shop to buy an item for Miss Bonanza. Children can imagine they are Little One and buy different things in the shop with a set amount of money. (Use number lines to assist them to add up to a total with different amounts). What change will they get? They can use hints and tips from El Nombre to help them if they're stuck.