Sixteen square turtles arrange themselves into different rectangles to illustrate how a shape’s dimensions can change while its area remains constant.

This clip is from:
The Maths Channel, Year 5 - Area
First broadcast:
14 September 2007

Before showing the clip, give the children 16 square post it notes. Pose the question "How many different rectangles can you make with an area of 16 squares?" Explore the meaning of the word ‘different’, eg is an 8 x 2 rectangle different from a 2 x 8 rectangle (or just a rotation)? Ask children to keep a record of the different rectangles they make. How can they be sure they have got them all? Watch the clip and see if they have the same set of rectangles. Consider the statement ‘shapes with the same area have the same perimeter’. Is this true or false? What is the greatest and smallest perimeter you can make using an area of 16 square units (try to consider shapes that are not rectangles)?