This short musical piece describes things that you can do to make you feel good. These include being helpful at home and playing with friends.

This clip is from:
Watch, Me and My Family
First broadcast:
4 May 2007

Students could discuss the things that make them feel good. They could also consider the things they can do to make others feel good, just like when the little boy in this clip helped his mum with the dishes. How does it feel when you help others? Students could make a promise to do one thing to help someone else that day. The next day, students could share what they did to be helpful, how it made the person they helped feel, and how they felt doing it. Students could then draw and annotate a picture of this. This could be extended to encourage students to do more helpful things. They could draw around their hand and each time they do something helpful, colour in a finger. By the end they will have done five helpful things to tell the class about.