What is bipolar disorder and how does it affect behaviour? It is estimated that one in five people with bipolar disorder will commit suicide. Young people talk candidly about the different sides of being bipolar and describe in detail what it means, including how it changes their personalities and how this affects their relationships and friendships. They discuss how they sought out help from their doctor and the consequences, both positive and negative.

The individuals featured explain that once they understood their issues, they were able to help themselves and their wider network of friends/family.

First broadcast:
1 June 2012

Pupils could start by researching the symptoms of bipolar disorder and the difficulties of living with the condition, either as the individual with bipolar disorder or as someone who cares about them. Students could investigate how people with bipolar disorder were treated by society in the past and discuss how society views mental health problems in the present. They could report back in the form of leaflets, posters, web pages or presentations. The clip could also provide stimulus opportunities for creative writing, exploring living with bipolar disorder form a variety of perspectives.