Simple addition and counting problems are described and solved in a step-by-step fashion. The characters work through the problems slowly and explain how they get the answer, allowing the children to follow and fully understand the maths involved.

First broadcast:
25 October 2000

Stop the clip after 1 minute 13 seconds. One character says he has 10p. The other character has four coins (which you cannot see properly). Pose the question "who has the most money". Explore the fact that we cannot be sure who has the most money. Give each child three Post-it notes. Ask them to draw four coins with a total of more than 10p on one Post–it note, four coins with a total of less than 10p on an another and four coins with a total of exactly 10p on another Post-it note. These can then be displayed on a ‘working wall’. Now watch the remainder of the clip to find out who had the most money. Repeat with other coins and other amounts.