Henry VIII wanted Mary, Queen of Scots, to live in England and his men to run Scotland for her. He had proposed a marriage between Mary and his own son, Prince Edward, hoping to unite Scotland and England. However, Henry’s men made themselves very unpopular in Scotland, and under pressure from the French, the Scottish Parliament broke off the engagement. Henry declared war. His men burned Edinburgh, sacked the border abbeys and destroyed crops. The Scots called these attacks the ‘Rough Wooing’.

First broadcast:
25 January 2002

Create a diagram centred on Scotland which lists reasons why Scotland became the focus of a power struggle between the English and French. What were the religious, political and economic aims for each nation? Investigate some of key figures in Scotland at the time and note where their allegiances lay and why. Who held power and influence in Scotland at the time; nobility, parliament, church, burghs? Chart the spread of Protestantism from Europe to Scotland, via Patrick Hamilton and others.