Caledonia provided the Romans with essential goods such as timber, wool and leather as well as lead. Some native tribes fought on the side of the Romans as auxilliary soldiers who were first into battle. The tribes did this to help protect themselves from rival tribes to the north or from the Romans themselves.

First broadcast:
14 November 2008

Students could role-play a battle between the Caledonian tribes and the Romans. They could include a discussion with the Romans beforehand in which Caledonian tribes are bribed or threatened, so that they will fight as auxiliary soldiers on the side of the Romans. What would the students do if faced with the same ultimatums or bribes presented by the Romans?

Students could outline the regions of Caledonia on a map which would have had the resources that the Romans wanted including, lead, timber, wool, leather. Students could then debate how important a country's resources are and whether it would be possible or permissible to go to war over a country's resources today.