Tamsin Greig reads the story of Indiana Brown and his embarrassing parents. Indiana has an unusual childhood, having been born in a rainforest, and having both climbed Everest and swam with dolphins by the age of four. Even when he starts going to school his parents take him on exotic holidays, and they would rather eat bush tucker from the garden for breakfast than cereal or toast. Indiana would rather have a more normal holiday, and he gets his wish when he wins a trip to a seaside holiday camp. His parents join in with the knobbly knees and karaoke competitions, and the family has some slightly more normal fun together. 'Explorer Trauma' was written by Sue Mongredien and illustrated by Teresa Murfin.

First broadcast:
21 March 2008

This clip can be used to discuss the idea of contrast and contrasting localities. Discuss which kind of holiday would be preferred and why. Re-tell the story through drama and role-play.