Jimmy Doherty reveals the secrets of cola in his food factory. He manages to recreate the taste of cola by using water, sugar, natural plant oils, gum arabic, caramel colouring, phosphoric acid and caffeine. He then experiments with frozen carbon dioxide to make his cola fizzy. He demonstrates what happens when he forces the carbon dioxide out of supermarket colas, as well as when frozen carbon dioxide is left in a sealed bottle with water.

This clip is from:
Jimmy's Food Factory
First broadcast:
19 April 2010

Focussing on food and health, this clip could generate discussion on food processing, and what happens to our food and drinks within food factories. This could lead to wider student investigation into additives and calorie content in soft drinks. Students could investigate the artificial sweeteners contained within low calorie soft drinks and the pros and cons of their use.
There are clear cross-curricular links to Science.