A director goes behind the scenes of a production of William Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet'. He talks to a production manager about health and safety issues and the stage designer explains how she works with a model of the set. The clip includes a time lapse sequence of the final stage being constructed.

First broadcast:
12 June 2010

Look at the text and the stage directions and ask students to list the settings in the play. Highlight the absolute necessities that each student would want for their own set design, for example, a balcony. What could they manage without? Discuss what a composite set is and its use in theatre. Ask students to list main themes from the play, and to consider what time period they would wish to set it in if they were directing it. Ask students to create their own mood board of ideas and present it to the class, as if they are sharing their ideas with a design team. The class should be encouraged to question any confusing ideas or inconsistencies. Students could attempt to make their own models of their design.