Apple is a market leader for mobile phones. Everything they do seems to turn to gold. This is the early story of the iPhone 4. Plagued with reception issues it plots how Apple refused to deal with and were then forced to deal with the problem. Even a corporation as big as Apple needs a strategy in place.

This clip is from:
Marketing Mess-ups
First broadcast:
16 May 2011

Use this clip as an example of the implications of poor marketing decisions and what strategies need to be put in place to maintain that all important brand image. Compare Apple’s handling of this issue with a later issue such as the problems of inaccuracy with Apple Maps when it was introduced in September 2012. Consider the role of brand loyalty in the success of Apple and other companies. Investigate the aspects of the company that people are drawn to and investigate if and how these can be maintained as the company grows. Students can discuss other possible ways Apple could have handled the problem. Students could be given a business and a crisis scenario, and role-play a crisis management meeting to discuss their options and come up with a strategy.