The needs of young humans and animals are discussed. The presenter has a small puppy and discusses the needs of young humans and animals with Wendy who is a new mother. They talk about the need for food, water, cleanliness and attention. Wendy then explains how she looks after badly treated parrots, giving them a varied diet of foods that they would eat in the wild such as seeds and berries along with carrots.

First broadcast:
10 September 2007

This clip could be used to look at health and growth. Teachers could show the clip and ask the children to note down the different kinds of food which are introduced, for example, what do the parrots eat? Would that be suitable food for puppies or human babies? Invite the children to explore what food is suitable for them and how dietary needs change as human and animal babies get older. Show images of food and ask the children to identify food that is suitable for human babies, adults, parrots, puppies and adult dogs. Teachers could also show images of 'bad food' such as chocolate or sweets and let the children decide why it might not be healthy.