Artist Andy Goldsworthy talks about and demonstrates creating artwork in a natural landscape using natural materials. Working on site in a quarry, Goldsworthy makes an abstract drawing on slate and shows how a 'rain shadow' can be made on stone during wet weather. He explores the temporary nature of some landscape artwork and the effects which can be produced there.

This clip is from:
Bitesize Primary, Sculpture
First broadcast:
27 November 2009

Pupils could brainstorm how to create art in a natural environment and record their ideas. Reactions to the temporary element of Andy Goldsworthy's work could be gauged. Pupils could be questioned about the idea of one piece of work being washed away by the rain and a rain shadow becoming another piece of work. It could also be used as an introduction to a wider topic on Goldsworthy's work in stone and wood. Pupils could do some rain shadows and photograph the results. The idea of using slate to create marks on slate could be experimented with and the idea of reviving a work could also be discussed.