Michael Rosen shares his memory of a chocolate cake from his childhood and performs his poem of the same name for a group of children - an excellent example of performance poetry.

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First broadcast:
26 February 2007

This clip could be used to study narrative or performance poetry. Ask the children to watch and listen to the poem and then split the poem into different sections and allocate a section to a pair of children for them to re-enact, accompanied by suitable music. Collate the performance together as a class and perform in a carousel section. Each pair must begin and end their performance with a freeze frame and when signalled, must share their thoughts in role at this point in the narrative. There are many writing opportunities that accompany this clip such as writing another poem on the same theme but from the viewpoint of Mum, a diary entry from either character’s viewpoint or even a letter to a problem page, from the viewpoint of Mum about a son addicted to chocolate cake!