The sun and the wind battle it out to see who is more powerful. Each unleashes its force until the winner is declared. Meanwhile Paula, the weather forecaster, gives a strange forecast - will her predictions come true?

First broadcast:
30 April 2009

Can be used to introduce weather vocabulary. Show the clip and invite the children to guess the meaning of the weather words. Hand out two sets of weather word flash cards - some children have cards with images, other children have cards with words. Ask the pupils to have a walk around in the classroom and find their partner.
Could also be used to introduce words to talk about feelings: 'ich fühle mich gut', 'ich bin wütend', 'mir ist heiß'. Invite the children to talk about how they are feeling today.
Look at the country names: 'Italien', 'Spanien'. Where have the children been on holiday? Give them the words in German and encourage them to answer in a sentence, eg. 'Ich war in Frankreich.'