A young girl sorting her recycling at home is compared with the recycling process at a recycling plant. The pros and cons of both methods are shown.

First broadcast:
4 March 2008

This clip could be used to capture interest at the beginning of a lesson on recyclable materials (as part of a wider topic on materials and their properties). Why should we recycle? After watching the clip, students could be presented with a selection of materials to test and sort into groups (plastic, glass, paper and metal).

Can they select equipment needed to test the properties of materials? For example, a magnet to test steel or iron? Can the students use correct vocabulary to describe the properties of materials? For example, transparent or flexible. Are there any materials that aren't recyclable? Students could make a record of the different waste products thrown out each week at home. Which recycling bin is the most full at the end of the week? Why do they think that is? Students could construct a graph of this data and compare their findings with other class members.