An account of the events of the 1984-1985 coal strike and its impact on Blaengarw as a community. Examines the use of food parcels to provide food to struggling miners and their families, and splits in the community between working and striking miners that are still remembered today.

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16 November 2007

Hold a class discussion on the effects that political unrest and social protest have on a community. Students could investigate the role of the police as an agent of formal control. Ask them to explore the forms of informal control referred to in the clip and their effectiveness. Groups of learners could research the miners' strike of 1984 and prepare presentations on the causes of the strike and the reasons it lasted so long. They should also focus on the support from across the UK and the consequences for trade unions. Students could research the patterns of change in the economy and the various sectors. They should explain the reasons for these changes.