A class of children are taking part in a game show called 'Numbervator'. The presenter challenges a child to make 74p using just five of the coins. The solution is checked and displayed to the audience. Another child is then challenged to make £1.88 without repeating any coin value in the solution.

This clip is from:
The Maths Channel, Money
First broadcast:
15 June 2007

Pupils could be given the materials to attempt this themselves, with a number of different target values being set out and a set range of coins available. Pupils could all be given the same target value and asked to go away independently and try to make it with as few coins as possible; those using the fewest coins win. Pupils could then be asked to make the target with as many coins as possible. This task can be concluded with pupils being asked to think about how one set of relatively few coins can be worth the same value as another set of many. This would help pupils to understand that money is about value rather than amount.