An exploration of the Sun's physical appearance and its position in the solar system. It is explained that the Sun is a star, and without it life on Earth would not be possible.

NOTE: This clip was factually accurate when originally broadcast. Only eight of the bodies orbiting the Sun are now classed as planets.

First broadcast:
9 October 2000

Students could explore the position of the sun at the centre of the solar system. Using differently-sized sports balls students could recreate the solar system in the gym hall or playground and demonstrate the orbit of all planets around the Sun. Students could then discuss the role they believe the Sun plays in other planets. Noting different distances from the Sun, students could consider how it affects each of the other planets in our solar system.

Alternatively, students could be introduced to some of the terminology describing the physical features of the Sun, for example sunspots, flare, corona or prominence. Students could be challenged to research what each of these are and then create a piece of artwork depicting these. They could then present their artwork to the class describing each of these physical features.