An exploration of Antoni Gaudi's now famous and unique architectural creations in Barcelona, Spain. Lots of impressive visual examples of Gaudi's works are shown with short explanations of the ideas and influences behind them.

First broadcast:
5 March 2010

As a mixture of art, architecture and sculpture (fuelled by creativity and self-expression), Gaudi’s work will inspire and encourage children to attempt to transform their own creative ideas into tangible reality. In the classroom, children can physically experiment with different shape and texture combinations to find out what gives them the most pleasing effects. They can draw 2D shapes with a view to transforming them into 3D models, in the style of Gaudi. They can go on to realise their ideas using media such as clay, plaster and Plasticine to sculpt and shape materials into their chosen designs, modifying and making detailed alterations as they work. They can emulate Gaudi’s work by incorporating different and diverse shapes, details and themes into their artwork to create multi-layered designs. This should also encourage and inspire some independent research into Gaudi’s other artworks and his range of creations.