An animated sequence that illustrates the different stages in plant development. The commentary introduces key vocabulary, such as ‘germination’, ‘stem’, ‘leaves’, ‘bulb’, ‘seed’, ‘flower’, ‘fruit’, ‘root’ and ‘shoot’. Seed dispersal by humans, animals, birds and the wind are also mentioned.

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You could ask pupils to prove the statement made in the clip that, ‘Seeds need water in order to start growing’. How can they ensure their test is fair and that it is really the presence of water that makes the difference, rather than the presence of other factors such as warmth or light? Radish, pumpkin, bean, pea or marigold seeds are all fast germinators and should produce a result in a week or two. The children could dig up some of their seedlings and examine them with a hand lens. Other seedlings could be planted-on, and tended throughout their lifecycle.