A basic explanation of what emails are, what the email address means and how they are sent and received. Email addresses have a domain name which is after the @ sign. The last part of the address indicates where the address is registered such as .co.uk or .fr. Emails can be sent from an email client which is software on a computer, or through web-based email clients that can be sent from anywhere with an internet connection. The outgoing mail server looks for the address of the inbound server. Protocols are rules that the computer follows. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) are the guidelines for sending mail and Post Office Protocol (POP) are the guidelines for receiving mail.

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Teachers could create email addresses for the class and have them practise writing emails to each other or to the teacher. Alternatively, as a whole class activity, choose a character who links well to a current Literacy topic such as Cinderella, the Big Bad Wolf or Willy Wonka and create an email address for him or her. The children could send emails to the character asking questions. The teacher could reply on behalf of the character. Passwords could be kept with the teacher so children can't use these outside of class.