It’s Sunday and after church Tommy is writing his dad to tell him about his troublesome week at home. When is wash day and ironing day? When is the coal delivered and the baking done? What special meal does the family have on Friday? Find out why his neighbour, Isa, became very upset and how she helps Tommy enjoy some of his spare time when he’s not helping his family at home. Find out what Tommy writes in a letter to his dad who is away serving his country in the army, before he enjoys his Sunday afternoon listening to the band playing in the local park.

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Children could write their own weekly diary of events at home and compare it to Tommy’s week. They could research a weekly meal diary during World War One and compare it to their own. During the war period, someone had to carry coal for the fire and water. Often these jobs were given to older children, but how hard was this work? Pupils could experiment by filling a bucket with a small amount of coal or water. They could weigh the buckets and convert their findings from kilos to old-fashioned imperial pounds. Children could research on line to compare and contrast the local area (streets, buildings etc) and label or list the differences. Can they find archived photographs of the locality? Children at that time often made their own entertainment. Children could be encouraged to find out more about traditional games. Challenge pupils to design and make their own kites using the same materials: string, thin garden canes, brown paper and paste. Encourage pupils to plan their designs carefully and to make exact measurements, so everyone ends up with a neat finished kite. The children could test their kites and find out more about the forces (up-thrust, air resistance, gravity) that influence their flight. Do some shapes and sizes fly better than others? Pupils could conduct an experiment to find out. Hopscotch is a traditional game that has been played in Britain for many centuries. By teaching numbers up to 10, children could be taught how to play hopscotch in another language.