Yu Jun wants to study but tradition dictates she can't because she's a girl, so she dresses as a boy and goes to school. There she meets Liang and falls in love. Liang visits her and discovers the truth, that she is a girl. They fall in love and he asks her father for her hand in marriage. Her father refuses and Liang, realising he cannot have Yu Jun, becomes ill and dies. Yu Jun is determined to be with her only love - what will she do to be with him again?

First broadcast:
30 January 2009

Students could discuss school life in old China and today's China. It might also be interesting to mention the famous 'Romeo and Juliet' here and have a discussion about how young people in old times expressed their true love.

Could be used as a listening activity about the topic of family and school life. The teacher could ask a few questions before playing the clip and pause where necessary according to the level of the students.

Students could retell or summarise the story in writing and check their stories using the English version. Were any parts of the story missed out? Were any parts misunderstood?

Note: This story is also available in English, with the title 'The Butterfly Lovers' (animation).