Samantha (a young teenage girl with severe learning difficulties) is relaxing on the sofa - watching TV in the lounge with her father and older sister. She absentmindedly puts her hand down the front of her trousers and starts masturbating. Her sister notices and looks shocked and embarrassed. A question mark appears. The video replays. As Samantha is about to put her hand down her trousers during the replay, a Widgit 'stop' symbol appears. Samantha looks around and notices the others in the room. She leaves the room and goes to her bedroom. She lies on her bed and continues in private.

First broadcast:
21 October 2010

This clip could be used to support PSHE learning in relation to puberty, masturbation and inappropriate public behaviour. It illustrates consideration for other people's feelings and the need for privacy in relation to intimate behaviour. The widgit symbols can be used as pause-points by teachers to highlight key issues for discussion