This film focuses on the lives of people in rural Kenya. It features a family building a home made from locally sourced materials, including sticks and mud, followed by an introduction to the Maasai nomads.

First broadcast:
18 May 2007

The clip could be used to initially stimulate a discussion on why the type of hut seen in the clip would be unsuitable for use in the UK (high rainfall, very cold winters) and then why they are suitable for use in rural Kenya. Children could think of alternative materials that could be used for making the huts and could even try out some of their ideas by making miniature models. The clip could also provide a stimulus for children to compare and contrast houses from different countries (for example Russia, West Indies, Greece) and identify how the different climates affect the design of the houses (for example houses in Greece are whitewashed three times a year to keep them cool, as the white colour reflects the heat of the sun away).