Barnaby Bear starts his sightseeing tour of Mexico City by going to the top of the Latin American Tower. From here he can see that the city goes on for miles and is surrounded by mountains and volcanoes. One of the volcanoes is known as 'Smoking Mountain'. There is a haze across the city, which is caused by pollution. Pollution is a big problem in Mexico City. The city lies in a bowl-shaped valley surrounded by high mountains. Approximately five million cars travel in the city every day and the exhaust fumes get trapped by the mountains. Green taxis now use unleaded fuel. People must have emissions from their cars checked and leave their cars at home one or two days per week.

This clip is from:
Barnaby Bear, Mexico City
First broadcast:
5 March 2007

This clip can be used to introduce the children to famous landmarks within Mexico City. It could also be the stimulus for a discussion on pollution. What are the Mexican people doing to try and cut down on pollution? Can the children make any other suggestions to help reduce pollution? This clip could also lead on to further research on the Aztecs. The children could make Aztec head dresses and make up dances similar to those in the clip. They could make models of Aztec buildings that they think may have been at the ruin site that Barnaby was at.