A short and easy to follow introduction to Lowry's style of painting and choice of subject matter narrated by Lowry himself. The artist explains his technique, how he selects his subject matter and what he is trying to capture through his work.

This clip is from:
Bitesize Primary, Art History
First broadcast:
19 March 2010

A fascinating first-hand introduction by the artist LS Lowry using archive footage of him painting on the streets of Manchester. Children can aim to imitate his style of painting by using a limited acrylic colour palette for authenticity and mid-sized brush-strokes to create Lowry-style figures which could be set within an urban landscape or displayed individually as simple figures. After studying the figures, they could then focus on the urban background using their local area, a town or city centre to work and paint in situ. Focussing on different aspects of the landscape in turn, eg just buildings, rooftops, chimneys, alleyways or doorways, limits the scope and may make the task more manageable. Researching Lowry’s work on the internet would give a degree of independent familiarity and is ideal preparation for class-based work to follow. Confident artists could then create their own impressionistic Lowry-styled paintings, choosing their own locations and subject matter accordingly.