A look at Muslim life in Wales. A young girl interviews the imam of a Cardiff mosque on what the Mosque teaches children today. His answers cover Islamic principles based on the idea of Islam as a peaceful religion, the Koran and the Islamic concept of ummah. Asked about jihad, he admits to being worried about the lack of security for young Muslims in today's Britain following the attacks of 7/7 (7 July 2005) in London and reiterates that Islam is a peaceful religion which does not believe in the killing of any human being.

First broadcast:
8 December 2005

Introduce students to the idea of ummah (brotherhood) and challenge possible student prejudices about jihad and the perception that Islam is a violent religion. Ask students what comes to mind when they hear the term Muslim and explore perceptions. Show the clip and draw out the concepts of ummah and the definition of jihad. How do these definitions challenge preconceptions around the Islamic faith that may have been expressed in their initial responses to the term Muslim? Why is there this dissonance of views?