A brief history of the Picts, beginning with their discovery by a Greek explorer. Battles with the Romans and Britons are recounted. There are Roman descriptions from the time, which are examined alongside Pictish relics to gain a better understanding of both of these groups of people. There are also speculations about the origin of the word 'Pict'.

This clip is from:
See You See Me, The Picts
First broadcast:
28 September 2001

After viewing, ask the class: "What are the different types of evidence that tell us about the Picts?" List with the pupils all the types of evidence shown in the clip. These include: the landscape, artefacts, written accounts from eye-witnesses, archaeological evidence from burials, building works, stone carvings and re-enactments. Ask: "What can each of these types of evidence tell us?" and "Which type of evidence is the most useful?" Encourage class members to discuss these points, giving reasons for their opinions. Ask: "What are the weaknesses of each type of evidence?" Again, encourage pupils to air their views. Ask: "Do you think the evidence we have proves that the Picts were covered in tattoos?" Pupils could vote on whether or not the known evidence supports this conclusion.