Daniel Ciobanu plays the 7th movement from ‘Musica Ricercata’ by György Ligeti. The piece is an example of minimalist music written in the 20th Century and is for solo piano. Daniel introduces the piece by talking about how he has to “split his brain in two halves” to enable him to play what sounds quite simple but actually requires great skills to play. Features the following concepts - minimalist, ostinato, polyphony, contrapuntal, trill, piano, solo.

This clip could be used as a stimulus to explore minimalism further. Learners could go on to research the music of Steve Reich, Terry Riley and John Adams. After discussing and listing the main characteristics of minimalism, learners could compose an ostinato and develop a layered piece. Music technology could be used to layer the ostinati and through manipulation of the audio, looping, effects and processes could be explored.